Welcome to Deluscious, the home of African, Caribbean & Korean fusion.
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Hi I’m Sarah :) I've always had a passion for baking and cooking since I was a little girl. You'd always find me in the kitchen experimenting with flavours, spices and some adventurous combinations! 
Two cuisines I adore but rarely ever hear mentioned in the same sentence are Ghanaian and Korean.... I know different right! but in an exciting refreshing way.
My mother always used to say “No daughter of mine is gonna be a bush girl that can't cook" so my sister and I were always watching and helping her out in the kitchen when she was cooking authentic Ghanaian dishes. She is an amazing cook (1/4 of Deluscious I might add) and has definitely influenced and inspired me to grow, experiment and push the boundaries when it comes to food. To this day I've never tasted Jollof rice as good as my mums... It's incredible!! 
I started out making cakes for friends and family who commented on how moist and tasty they were, I mean no one likes a DRY cake! (You know the ones that look a million dollars but when you take a bite it tastes like .... oh dear) but that's a whole other topic lol.
I began to play with flavor combinations, colours and shapes to create modern, MOIST flavorful cakes that  well "indulge ones taste buds".
That feeling you get when something tastes  sooo good like a slice of fluffy rich chocolate cake, with salted caramel drip, roasted Hazelnuts and milk chocolate ganache oooooh so tasty! (Well once in a while anyway not everyday peeps Image result of monkey face emoji)
Now here is how the food started...By hosting dinner parties and cooking for family parties and events, something I like doing a lot! (It's a chance for me to show off my mad cooking skills and say "ah this is something I just rustled together it was no biggie" (When I know in reality It took 1/2 the day to make and 1 month just to plan haha.. you know what I mean don't act like you've never done it before ?)
I started taking this passion seriously in 2014 after catering for 150 people for a private function. After so many positive reviews (well there was that 1 person who moaned about the chicken being crispy, but you know there's always 1!)  I launched Deluscious in 2015 and we have been growing from strength to strength ever since.
We are a close knit family run business and Our team consists of 4 super talented Chefs, 12 Waiting staff  and an events manager (Someone has to do the paperwork lol) and we are growing!

Meet The Rest of the Team :)

The Lovely Ruona, our very talented Chef! She is calm under pressure and very creative when it comes to food displays.


Josephine, our very talented Chef and events manager. She will have all your guests laughing and is not afraid to get the party started.
Richard, Our amazing events Manager who will ensure your event runs smoothly
Michael, Our amazing Logistics Manager and sooooo calm under pressure
The sweetest Monica A.K.A Mummy Deluscious. She is an AMAZING chef and makes the best Jollof rice in the world!
We have successfully combined my love of 3 cultures to come up with Afro Korean and Caribbean Fusion!
Our famous Red Velvet, chocolate fudge, Bulgogi and signature Chicken wings will have you weak at the knees… We pride ourselves in producing delicious high quality food using fresh organic free range produce that will have you coming back again and again.

It’s not a cliché when I say this but We want our food to bless you, make you smile and leave you saying " ooooooh that sure was Deluscious"