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Our Delicious Mains...


Stews and Soups....

Ghanaian Bean Stew A.K.A Red Red
A hearty beans stew made with black eyed beans, palm oil, smoked mackerel, pilchards, and spices.

Jamaican Chicken and Dumpling Soup

 A mouth watering hearty soup packed with chicken, vegetables and the classic Island flavours.

Vegan Chickpea Curry
A hearty curry made with chickpeas, coconut oil, potatoes, coconut milk, Vine tomatoes and spices.

Ghanaian Chicken Stew
Fragrant tomato stew made with coconut oil, nutmeg and succulent pieces of roasted chicken legs.          

Ghanaian Mixed Beef Stew
Rich aromatic spicy tomato stew with cubes of succulent roasted beef (cow foot and tripe can also be added)        

Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken
slow cooked tender pieces of chicken thighs in a rich aromatic classic brown sauce.

Jamaican Brow stew Fish
Succulent pan fried Sea bass or red snapper in rich gravy of scallions, sweet peppers, scotch bonnet and carrots... It's got a kick to it! 

Slow cooked Curry Chicken 
Slow cooked chicken legs marinated in scotch bonnet, chicken stock, curry Powder, coconut milk, onions, thyme and garlic.

Obe eja tutu (Nigerian Fish Stew)
A rich spicy tomato stew made with succulent pieces of fried mackerel.

Ofada Stew A.K.A Ayamese
A delicious meaty stew made with bell peppers, beef, iru, palm oil and spices. A winner if you like spicy food!

French Style Ratatouille (V)
A hearty vegetable stew with carrots, aubergines, red onions, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Slow cooked Curry Lamb/Goat
Slow cooked tender pieces of goat or lamb marinated in Scotch Bonnet, Curry Powder, coconut milk, onions, thyme and garlic.

Spicy Red Thai Curry Noodle Soup
Loaded with tiger prawns, king prawns, calamari and flaky cod.

(Spicy shredded chicken soup with scallions and shiitake mushrooms, the Korean version of the Ghanaian light soup).

Egusi Soup/ Efo Riro 
Loaded with smoked Turkey, Roasted beef, stock fish and crayfish this delicious Nigerian and Ghanaian stew is made from ground Melon seeds.

Thai Green Chicken Curry (Can also be made vegetarian or with fish)
Classic Spicy Thai flavours in this creamy coconut curry

Vegan African Tomato Stew
Fragrant tomato stew made with coconut oil, nutmeg, fresh herbs, Carrots, Mushrooms and sweet Peppers.

Vegan Lentil Chili
Comforting and packed with flavour, this chili is packed with red lentils, kidney beans, sweet peppers and spices.

 Beef Bourguignon
Melt in your mouth beef cubes, braised in a rich red wine and beef stock sauce, loaded with shallots, baby carrots and fresh herbs.

Indian Butter Chicken
Creamy spiced tomato sauce with tender chunks of seasoned chicken.

Red Lentil Dhal
Comfort food loaded with spices, coriander and red lentils.

Red Meat....

Bulgogi A.K.A Korean Barbecue
Succulent strips of sirloin that's been marinated in a blend or Korean spices for 24 hours and Char-grilled, this is served in lettuce leaves and topped with Ssamjang.

Caribbean Jerk BBQ Ribs
Succulent fall off the bone beef short ribs marinated in our signature Jerk sauce for 24 hours then grilled to perfection and coated in our spicy signature bbq Sauce

Herb Lamb Chops
Succulent Lamb chops seasoned with rosemary, thyme, parsley and garlic butter

That's some good Shepards pie
Creamy smooth mash on a bed of aromatic mince lamb in a rich herb gravy sauce

Prime Ribeye Steak in a creamy black peppercorn sauce with pan fried Mushrooms
Matured juicy steak pan fried and finished off with herb butter

Beef Jerk Skewers
Spicy beef jerk cubes with char-grilled sweet peppers and red onions

Spicy BBQ Lamb Chops
Slow roasted fall of the bone BBQ Chops.

Spicy Red Thai Lamb Curry
Classic Thai flavours in this very spicy and creamy coconut red curry

Spicy Ghanaian Beef Kebabs
Succulent beef cubes with char-grilled sweet peppers and red onions coated in a spicy tomato sauce.

Kalbi (Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs)
Short Ribs in a sweet ginger, soy and garlic glazed sauce


Spicy Egg Fried Rice
This classic Korean dish loaded with eggs, chilies and spring onions in a rich sesame and soy sauce dressing. 

Jollof Rice
The classic national dish of many West African countries.....Basmati or long grain rice cooked in a spicy tomato sauce infused with nutmeg and spices.

Black eyed Beans and long grain rice cooked in Waakye red leaves and chicken stock,

Rice and Peas
Fragrant brown rice cooked in Coconut oil, thyme, scallions and kidney beans

Coconut Basmati Rice
Fragrant White Basmati rice cooked in coconut oil and chicken stock.

Kimchi - Bokkeumbap
Spicy Fried rice with Kimchi, scallions and eggs

Afro Fusion Special Fried Rice
So good you will want to high five someone! loaded with aromatic vegetables  in a rich sesame and soy sauce dressing. (This can also be made with eggs and prawns)




Jerk Chicken
Succulent pieces of chicken legs marinated in our signature Jerk sauce then grilled to perfection.

Deluscious Sweet N Spicy Chicken
Succulent pieces of chicken legs marinated in buttermilk, aromatic spices and chili then coated with seasoned flour, Panko and baked or fried until crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.

Jerk BBQ Chicken
Succulent pieces of chicken legs slow roasted in our signature Jerk sauce then grilled to perfection and smothered in our sweet n Tangy BBQ Sauce.

Spicy Piri Piri Chicken
Succulent pieces of chicken legs marinated in Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Lemon and Coconut oil.

Yangnyeom Chicken 
Succulent Spicy pieces of Korean fried chicken. The Korean version of "KFC"

Creamy Herb Chicken
Succulent pieces of chicken legs marinated in fresh herbs and served in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Lemon and Garlic Herb Chicken 
Succulent pieces of chicken legs marinated in garlic, coconut oil, lemon and herbs. 


Pasta & Noodles....

Special Fried Beef Noodles
Our secret blend of oriental spices and oils, with egg noodles, spicy lean beef and been sprouts.

Special fried Noodles, Deluscious Style
A blend of oriental spices and oils, with egg noodles and aromatic vegetables.

Lasagne/meat or Vegetarian Option
Freshly made pasta sheets sandwiched between layers of rich herb infused tomato sauce and creamy indulgent Béchamel sauce topped with panko and our blend of 3 cheeses.

Pho Bo
Fragrant and aromatic vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, served with rice noodles, Bean sprouts and Bok Choy

Spicy Tomato and Herb Spaghetti
A spicy rich tomato and herb stew with garlic and butter infused spaghetti

Creamy garlic parsley and mushroom Tagliatelle 
Luxuriously silky smooth cream sauce with sautéed mushrooms and classic Italian tagliatelle.



Spicy Fried Tilapia
Ginger, herb and chilli  infused Tilapia fillets topped with sizzled peppers, tomatoes, scotch bonnet and onions.

Escovitch Fish
Crispy fried red snapper or Sea Bass served with sautéed Mixed peppers, sizzled ginger and scotch bonnet.

Korean Pan fried Sea bass
Marinated in chili, soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

Oven Steamed Oriental Salmon
A fusion of oriental spices, chili, scallions and coconut oil steamed in the oven

Smoked Paprika Pan fried Sea Bass
Marinated in cayenne pepper, ginger and smoked paprika.

Oriental stir fry king prawns
King prawns tossed in a fusion of oriental spices, chili, scallions and sesame oil